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30 Amazing Unknown Facts of Social Media Marketing

30 Amazing Unknown Facts of Social Media Marketing

Usually, social media is used by marketers for increasing business and get a broader reach for any company. But social media does a lot more and can do a lot more. Considering a vast power to connect the world when used correctly it can and is changing the world in a new way. When used successfully, the interpersonal press has changed the world. Here are few methods where sociable mass media is shaping the world in a new way in just a few years of presence.

Let’s take a case of “bucket of ice water” the campaign where stalwarts like Bill Gate to Sachin Tendulkar all participated in promoting and fighting for a cause of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or Gehrig’s disease proved the power of social media. Here people donated $100 or dump a bucket of ice water on themselves nominating someone else.

It led to an explosion of videos and donations for the organization. Even if even more people were concerned with watching funny video clips and dumping drinking water on their friends than they had been about ALS research, the marketing campaign did generate significant funding amounting to $115 Million.

The disaster response also gets a considerable boost using social media:

One such case is the 7.0 Haiti Earthquake. Here many NGO and NPO’s reached to social media to mobilize the rescue efforts and generate social support. It also saw the deployment of one of the most successful text-to-donate campaigns seen at the time. In the March 2011 Tsunami when Japan is rocked millions around the globe to utilized social media to search for family and close friends, as well as get updates on a situation that was very frightening at the period, given the damage to the nuclear reactor. Likewise, in a recent New York area earthquake, residents were receiving tweets from the epicenter of the event before the tremors had reached them.

Let’s check few amazing social media related facts:

  1. Nearly about 1.7 billion people have active accounts on social media sites.
  2. 45% of users feel uncomfortable when email and Facebook are challenging to access.
  3. Approximately 46% of web users prefer social media while purchasing anything.
  4. Nearly 100 Million photos and videos are uploaded to Instagram every day.
  5. Food is the most searchable category on Pinterest as 57% of users discuss food-related topics.
  6. Now there are over 3 billion lively Internet users (45% of the world’s internet users). (Jeff Bullas)
  7. Only 18% of customers trust ads by companies on interpersonal networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  8. Public press stands third as the news source at 28% after television and newspaper. It’s followed by radio at 19% and other print mass media at 6%.
  9. 90% of business organizations declare that they use sociable media to take action to customer complaints or inquiry – however 58% of consumers tweeted that they had never received an answer from the offending organization.
  10. When the businesses respond to clients, the average response time of a company on Twitter to a user query or a complaint is 9 hrs.
  11. For the online purchaser, the standard order value inclined by the cultural press last year was $143.46.
  12. 82% of hyper-development SMBs declares that public media is helpful for generating new leads.
  13. Until now 93% of users’ buying decisions are influenced by social mass media because 90% trust peer recommendations. But only 14% believe in advertisements.
  14. Although 78% of businesses right now have a committed interpersonal media team but just 26% combine sociable press thoroughly with business strategies.
  15. Just 20% of CMOs make use of cultural mass media sites to interact with customers.
  16. Around 83% of customers say they possess experienced a “bad experience with public media marketing.”

Facebook Facts That you don’t know:

  1. There are almost 1.39 billion monthly active users on Facebook.
  2. There are more than 50 million pages on Facebook.
  3. Canada is that country that has the most active Facebook users.
  4. There are about 936 million energetic users on Facebook.
  5. 6% percent of all digital time gets spent on Facebook.

Amazing Twitter Facts will stun you:

  1. If Twitter were a country, it would become the 12th largest nation in the world.
  2. 170 Minutes is the average period per month spent by users on Twitter.
  3. 77% of Twitter accounts are outside of U.S.
  4. Twitter supports 33 languages.
  5. There is usually 50% crossover of members on Instagram and Twitter.
  6. Revenue at Twitter is approaching an annualized rate of $2 billion a year. The latest quarter income results were $432 million which was a 97 percent increase.
  7. 53% of Twitter users recommend products in their tweets at some point in time.
  8. The fastest-growing users on Twitter are grandparents.

Amazing Instagram Facts

  1. More than 75 million people are daily Instagram users.
  2. The estimated number of Instagram users in the US can be 77.6 million.
  3. 64% of Instagram users are women, 36% men. 73% of users are between 15 and 35 years old.
  4. On Instagram, 53% of posts possess at least one hashtag. 20% have even more than six hashtags.


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