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30 Amazing Unknown Facts of Digital Marketing

30 Amazing Unknown Facts of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the next revolution currently driving the significant changes in the industry.

Brinker sets the stage for this disruption by explaining that digital change is not specific to advertising. Influencing the many businesses, it’s bringing the changes in product, process, services. During this transformation, the effect that we can see is bringing many new ideas for marketers and critical understanding of the marketing methodologies.

Following the regular and traditional role of marketing and communication digital marketing is helping create the marketplace and build a new line of communication to generate business. With a radical change in work in many organizations, the role of marketing changed to create communication channels that promoted services and products while building brands. All this change lead to broader acceptance and implementation of digital marketing.

Today, digital expands way beyond marketing, requiring organizations to think about how they can leverage digital to create better experiences for clients across the whole customer lifecycle, not just client acquisition. Because it was the 1st out of the gate to embrace digital and work to get a better understanding of the consumer, advertising leads or plays a significant part in defining the entire customer experience. That means marketing offers expanded into areas such as sales, support, and solutions, not leaving behind the service and product development.

Checking with such significant change in the industry let’s now see some remarkable digital marketing factors that will blow you away:

SEO and SEM Facts

  1. One-third of all click through on Search engines are on the first result.
  2. 43% of all online advertising dollars spent on search advertising. U.S. promoters invested $18.4 billion on paid search adverts in 2013.
  3. 72% of PR businesses are today providing SEO expert solutions.
  4. Each time, 20% of the search terms entered into Search engines that have by no means explored before.
  5. By 2018, one of every single $10 invested in digital marketing solutions will get spent on SEO.
  6. 81% of advertising and marketing professionals think that digital marketing technologies will lead their job to switch within the following three years, but only 14% know how to transform themselves.
  7. 76% of advertising experts reported they need to become even more data-focused to succeed, and 74% agree that acquiring and implementing data to inform and drive marketing activities is a new reality. However, just 39% survey using client data and behavior patterns to shape advertising strategy in the past 12 weeks.

Amazing facts of LinkedIn:

  1. 347 million people have the LinkedIn account.
  2. Total revenue at the end of 2014 was $643 million (a growth rate of 44% over the previous period).
  3. More than 40 million graduates or college students created LinkedIn profiles.
  4. The price of professionals creating an account is 2 per minutes.
  5. On average, each week eight new LinkedIn groups are created with 200 group conversations per minute.
  6. 83% of business marketers use LinkedIn for content advertising.
  7. For M2N websites and blogs, 90% of social traffic is gathered by the big three networks – with half of it by LinkedIn.
  8. LinkedIn (74%) and Tumblr (54%) are the only interpersonal systems that U.S. users gain access to most via computers.

Google Plus Facts

  1. Google+ offers over 343 Million active users.
  2. At least once a week 80% user energetic on Google+ and 60% users log in every daytime.
  3. Google+ spends over half a billion to design and develop.
  4. 48% of Fortune Global 100 organizations are available on Google+.

T2C Advertising Facts

  1. LinkedIn is usually the only platform that looks effective to the bulk of (62%) of B2W marketers; following in line is Twitter, with 50% of stating it is efficient.
  2. Only 16 percent of M2N customers prefer to live on the web seminars or webinars.
  3. 88% of T2C CMOs say their C-suite peers turn to them more often for data and insight needed to strategize and plan, and 78% concur with the fact that marketing’s impact on business approach is usually better nowadays than it was just two years earlier.
  4. The highest paying advertising jobs are in B2W.
  5. Just 6% of M2N purchasers state that a potential vendor’s cultural mass media content offers “a lot” of influence on their buy decisions. 30% say it is definitely “essential but not an offer buster.”
  6. A considerable number of buyers choose to get in touch with distributors via email (81%) or cellular mobile phone (58%). Just 17% need to make use of online chat and 9% public media.
  7. After viewing the home page and items/providers web page, the most crucial pursuing stop for T2C purchasers is a potential seller’s “About Us” page. (Content material Marketing Start)
  8. U.S. B2W marketers are expected to spend even more than $100 billion on social marketing by 2017. (Pinterest)
  9. The best interpersonal sites and sociable advertising strategies used by M2N promoters are LinkedIn and Facebook (each utilized by 86% of marketing specialists), adopted by Twitter (81%), blog (64%), and YouTube (53%). At the new end of the selection, much less than 10% use Foursquare, podcasting. (Pinterest)
  10. Even more than 80% of T2C promoters state their prime goal in social media is usually improved item recognition. (Pinterest)
  11. 53% of B2W Lot of money 500 corporations make use of advertising and marketing automation. (Market Interactions)
  12. 54% of M2N clients say that they invest half or more of the commercial supply finances online, and 39% state they strategy to maximize the amount they spend on the web in the forthcoming year. (IR)
  13. 67% of industrial purchasers say it can be hugely significant for marketers to offer the capability to buy on their websites. Only 7% state this is probably not important. (IR)
  14. 71% of T2C buyers who see an individual benefit, will commit to a product or service. (B2C)
  15. 68% of customers who observe a personal worth will spend a greater quantity of company products, but just 8.5% of customers who see no particular value will pay a higher price for an item. (W2C)
  16. More than two-thirds of tech M2N searches occur outside of North America. (Sociable Mass media Slant)

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