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DFY Suite 3.0 Review +Huge $24K DFY Suite 3.0 Bonus +Discount +OTO Info -Your Page 1 Ranking System

DFY Suite 3.0 Review Are you searching for more knowledge about DFY Suite 3.0? Please read through my DFY Suite 3.0 Review before selecting it, to evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of it.

I’ll cover what it does, who is it for, how much it costs, Pros & Cons, what special bonuses you’ll get and what the upsells or OTOs are, so you can make a more informed decision about purchasing it and if it’s right for you.

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DFY Suite 3.0

DFY Suite 3.0 Agency Review Overview:VideoTik

  • Creator : Joshua Zamora
  • Product : DFY Suite 3.0 Agency
  • Launch Date : 2021-May-20
  • Refund : 14 days Refund Policy
  • Pricing : Only $97 $29 one-time 
  • Any Coupon : YES! Get 70% Off with Coupon "Dfy2022"
  • Official Website : Click here to visit
  • Training : Yes! you will get step by step training inside
  • Experience Needed : No Special Skills Required
  • Support : Friendly and Effective Response
  • BONUS : YES! You’ll Get High Value Bonuses (Check here) 


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DFY Suite 3.0 Review - What Exactly It Is?

DFY Suite 3.0 will allow you to quickly rank your videos or webpages by leveraging the power of high-quality social syndication and video embeds with the new, done-for-you system.

The best part is,

  • No software to install
  • No software training to learn
  • No previous SEO knowledge or experience
  • No social account creation needed
  • No content needed besides their url
  • No proxies or captchas needed 

All you need to do is:

1. Login to the web-based portal
2. Submit your keywords and URLs you want to rank
3. Hit "Submit"

Yup, that’s It!

From there their system will get to work and build you hundreds of high-quality syndication links and embeds to your videos to skyrocket it to page #1 of Google.

PLUS, if you're 100% NEW to SEO, they're also including a quick CRASH course on Keyword Research and Content optimization that should take you no more than 20-30 minutes to go through.

You'll get more ranking power with this New 3.0 update.

In DFY Suite 3.0 they have:

[+] 5x'd their sites, 5x'd the authority 5x'd the ranking power. Now instead of being able to get up to 200 different syndication links to your content, you can get up to 1,000. And the domains they’ve added are ALL packing a lot more authority.

[+] Done for you GLOBAL Rankings. Yup, WORLDWIDE rankings are finally here via their multi-language support. Yes, you read that correctly. They now cover every LANGUAGE you can think of, so you can get page 1 rankings regardless of where you are in the world.

[+] Totally revamped their server set up to now Include IP’s from ALL over the world to SUPERCHARGE their new WORLDWIDE ranking power.

[+] Totally revamped their content generation system which is now powered by REAL Artificial intelligence with "Creaite" being the engine to that. Real A.I means quality, unique content being written for every campaign you submit.

....and much much more (they have a whole section and video covering what’s new in 3.0)


DFY Suite 3.0 Review - How Does It Work?

In this section of DFY Suite 3.0 Review, I’ll show you how easy it is to get started with this amazing software.

Once you logged in to you account with your credential in your inbox, you reach the dashboard. It is very user friendly where you can find all the options.

But before you get started, I suggest you to go through all the Tutorial videos. Those are very easy to follow and newbie friendly.

DFY Suite 2.0

Now go to "Campaign" in the left side navigation menu. Here you can create and manage all your campaigns.

For creating your first campaign, just click on the Green "Create Campaign" button at the top right.

DFY Suite 2.0 reviews

The whole campaign creation is divided into 3 simple parts... 1) Add Details 2) Add Content 3) Link Building.

Step #1 (Add Details):

[1] Give a campaign name.

[2] Enter valid URL's of websites, videos or anything else you're promoting. You can enter one or more URLs here.

[3] Enter keywords that this websites/videos etc. should rank for.

[4] If you would like to embed a Youtube video into your articles, please provide the url of the video. It is definitely a good idea if you are trying to Rank a Youtube video as embedding videos is one of the most important SEO metrics for video.

DFY Suite 2.0

Step #2 (Generate Content):

If you would like the system automatically generate content (title, description and articles), then turn it ON.

If this is turned on then it will try to scrape search engines for your keywords, fetch articles, compose new articles and rewrite them for you. This is all done by machine with help of AI. 

If you don't want automatically generated content and want content of better quality, you can provide it by yourself.

DFY Suite 2.0 review

Step #3 (Link Building):

[+] Link quantity indicates how many posts it'll create for a campaign in this system's network. If you choose multiple ulrs, multiple keywords or both, all those links will be equally divided among all of them.

You can create minimum 25 to maximum 1000 backlinks for a campaign.

[+] You can drip feed those links created over 3 to 21 days. If you want a more natural looking link profile, set this higher. It's very important.

[+] You can only unlock Index links feature if you get the OTO #2

After complete this step just click "Create" and you are DONE.

DFY Suite 2.0 review

You can download backlink report only when your campaign Status become "Completed". 

You can download your report in Text or CSV format.

How Does DFY Suite 2.0 Work


Watch How Does DFY Suite 3.0 Work

(Complete Demo) 

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DFY Suite 3.0 Review >> All Amazing Features:

[+] You can submit any URL. It can be a video, a niche site, an amazon page, an ecommerce store, anything

[+] You can schedule how fast or how slow you want your syndication to be done

[+] You can let the system generate the content for your campaigns for you

[+] You can supply the content if you’d like (this is 100% optional)

[+] It’s 100% done-for-you so zero work is required on your part once you submit your keywords and url.

[+] Embed your video across different sites. All you have to do is input your video url and they system will take care of the rest

[+] A full breakdown of its network authority so you always know the firepower at your fingertips

[+] You’ll have full access to your syndication report once it’s been completed.

[+] New streamlined, 3-step campaign submission system

[+] Powerful high-authority PBN syndication unlocked

[+] Done-for-you rankings on a global level with worldwide language support

[+] Full transparency and access to Network Authority stats

[+] A.I powered content system so your campaigns pack an even stronger punch

[+] With the Agency access, now you'll be able to confidently rank your CLIENT'S websites and videos as well.

[+] Get access to an expanded network of over 1000 high authority sites.

[+] Get access to supercharged server with Global IPs.


DFY Suite 3.0 Review - Pros and Cons:

--Pros-- --Cons--

  • Fully cloud based.
  • Totally newbie friendly
  • There is no account creation needed
  • There is no having to deal with proxies or captchas
  • There is no software to download or install
  • High-quality content syndication
  • Automatic video embed for better video rankings
  • Rank any webpage or video
  • Supercharged server with Global IPs
  • High-authority PBN syndication unlocked
  • Done for you social and wiki links
  • Step-by-step video training inside.
  • 30 Days Refund policy so almost no risk involved 

  • I didn’t find any issue until now.


DFY Suite 3.0 Review - Who Should Use It?

This product seems suitable for any type of marketer in our industry. No matter who you are, surely you need such a tool like this to get page one ranking on autopilot. With detailed training, it hides no difficulty even with beginners.

Check who can be benefited by using this amazing software:

  • Affiliate marketer
  • e-Commerce business owner
  • Digital Product vendors
  • Local Business owners
  • Email marketers
  • Youtubers
  • Video marketers
  • CPA marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Online marketers
  • Freelancers
  • Social media marketers
  • SEO specialist. 


Commission Funnels

Get OTO or Upsells Info...


DFY Suite 3.0 Review - Is There Any Upsells Or OTOs?

Yes, there are currently 4 optional OTOs or upgrades. You don’t really need all of them to use DFY Suite 3.0, but they might come in useful depending on your situation and usage.

OTO/Upsell #1 >> DFY Suite Plus ($1 trial, then $47/MO)

With this upgrade you'll be able to extend the amount of links it builds to your campaigns from 500 up to 1000 links per campaign that you submit.

Check Marketpresso OTO1

This OTO has 2 options... Lite and Agency. I suggest you to get the Agency option.

Here's What Everything You're Getting Inside:

  • 5000 credits every single month
  • 2500 bonus credits every single month
  • Full access to social syndication module
  • Full access to wiki syndication module
  • Full access to scheduling options
  • Full access to done for you content creator system
  • Full access to download your report. 


OTO/Upsell #2 >> DFY Indexer Platform ($67 one time)

Check Marketpresso OTO1

Here you will be able to supercharge your campaigns by unlocking the DFY Indexer system so that your campaigns get put through a proprietary link indexer so that your syndication carries a munch stronger punch.

Building links with content syndication will get you ranked on page 1 of Google, but combine content syndication with Indexing and you’ve got the ultimate recipe for ranking on page 1 of Google at will.


OTO/Upsell #3 >> MyVideoSpy Elite ($47 Quarterly)

MyVideoSpy is a powerful platform that allows you to uncover untapped niches, analyze your competitors, accurately gauge how much traffic you can get from your target niches, and much much more.

Check Marketpresso OTO1

It allows you to get page #1 video rankings faster by identifying untapped niches, exposing your competitors weakness and accurately determining how much traffic your videos will generate.

How You Can Get Benefit By Using This Upgrade:

[+] Quickly identify untapped niches and keywords in a few mouse clicks

[+] Expose your competitors weaknesses to know exactly how to outrank them

[+] The first and only platform to accurately determine how much traffic your videos will get so you waste zero time and effort

[+] Generate page 1 rankings in under 24 hours with very little effort.

Here's What Everything You're Getting Inside:

  • 200 keyword searches per month
  • Get upto 20 suggestions per keywords
  • 50 video tracked at a time
  • Track upto 5 keywords per video
  • 50 view trackers at a time
  • Analyze 1000s videos per month
  • 250 live event creations per month
  • Get Youtube and Google rank trackings by locations
  • Agency rights. 


OTO/Upsell #4 >> DFY Suite 3.0 + Video Chief ($37 one time)

Get access to over 1,200 done-for-you videos in over five dozen niches that you can upload and start ranking right away with DFY suite.

Check Marketpresso OTO1

Inside of Video Chief it has over 1200 ready-made videos in niches like Health, Weight loss, Real Estate, Law, Finance, Business, Home Improvement, Internet Marketing and many many more.

Plus, Video Chief doesn’t only have niche videos. We also have script templates, voiceover templates and even training video templates.


— Frequently Asked Questions —  

Q) Is there any software to download?

Ans => No. this is a 100%, done-for-you service where we do ALL the work for you. All you have to do is submit your URL and keywords.

Q) Do I have to pay for Proxies or Captchas?

Ans => Absolutely not. The reason we made this system was so you don’t have to worry about anything. Just submit your info and we take it from there.

Q) How do the credits work?

Ans => Simple, 1 credit = 1 Backlink. You choose how many links to send to each url that you submit with a maximum of 200 links with the Pro license and 500 if you upgrade to our Agency+ level. With 5,000 credits you can send 100 backlinks to 50 (yes, FIFTY) different videos, niche sites etc.


DFY Suite 3.0 Review “Why Should You Get This?”

We all know that getting high-quality authority links is the real key to long-term page 1 rankings, right?

DFY Suite 3.0 creates upto 1000 authority backlinks for your website or videos or ecom stores on complete autopilot. Really! you don't need to create any accounts or you don't even need to deal with captchas or proxies.

With DFY Suite 3.0 You’ll be able to:

  • Rank your videos on page 1
  • Rank your niche sites on page 1
  • Rank your e-commerce sites on page 1
  • Rank your Amazon listings
  • Rank your CLIENT’s sites
  • Rank ANY URL you’d like to get traffic for.

With DFY Suite PLUS the Keyword Research and Content Optimization crash course, you’ll be able to start getting traffic from Google without ever having to spend hours upon hours doing heavy manual work yourself.

Check Some Key Reasons to Try DFY Suite 3.0 Today:

  • 100% done-for-you syndication and ranking system
  • Submit any url – no software to download or learn
  • No captchas or proxies to deal with
  • Zero social account creation required on your part
  • Hundreds of social and wiki links built for you
  • WordPress and web 2.0 syndication
  • Done-for-you video embeds for fast video rankings
  • Agency access included for a very-limited time
  • Brand new supercharged server with Global IPs
  • Get access to an expanded network of over 1000 high authority sites.
  • Real A.I powered content system gets you quality, unique content
  • Powerful high-authority PBN syndication unlocked
  • Get access to multi-language system to get worldwide rankings.
  • Sub-syndicator feature included for free.

The best part, DFY Suite 3.0 comes with complete 14 days refund policy that simply zero down all your risk of buying this amazing system.

Further, it is right now available at a special discounted price. Be fast, or you will pay a much higher price later. The JAW DROPPING low price won’t last for long. Get Instant Access to DFY Suite 3.0 now with my bonuses from this DFY Suite 3.0 Review before the cart closes.

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