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MSGLock Review +Killer $5835 MSGLock BONUS +Discount +OTO details -The World’s BEST Platform For Turning Content Into Leads & Profits

Hey there and welcome to my MSGLock Review. If you are looking forward to get detail information on MSGLock including its full Review, Demo, OTO, and exclusive Bonuses then kindly read this complete review.


MSGLock Review
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msglock reviews
msglock review

MSGLock Review  “What Is MSGLock?”

It combines cutting-edge technology with proven psychology to pack your list full of hyper-engaged, targeted subscribers, that love your content and are eager to hear from you.

MSGLock offers a fresh new way of locking content. Instead simply locking your content before your prospect consumes it (such as an opt-in page), actually allow them to read or view your content and lock it during consumption while engagement is high.

Here’s how:

— A user actively chooses to engage with a piece of your content – by watching a video, checking out a blog post, accessing a PDF etc

— DURING consumption, a portion of your content becomes restricted and in order to continue, the user must optin.

— This powerful persuasion strategy converts prospects that are already interested into hyper-engaged leads.


Watch How MSGLock Will Skyrocket Your Lead Generation…

(MSGLock Review Video)

How You Can Use MSGLock?


  • Text Content => lock any section of text during reading blog posts, articles, etc
  • Lead Magnets => unlock files to download – such as “Download Our Top 10 Ad Templates” on any page.
  • PDF Files => lock during reading – set any page for locking to occur.
  • Videos => lock during viewing.


Who Created MSGLock?

As you can see from my MSGLock review, this is a very comprehensive lead generation software. It was created by Brad Stephens, a very reputable internet marketer. He and his team managed to create this software with the idea of helping people to acquire more traffic naturally and with great success.


MSGLock Review “How Does It Work?


Step 1) Select Your Content Type => Select any content you would like to lock. This includes any text on any webpage, any downloadable file (lead magnet), any PDF file or any video.

Step 2) Select Your Lead Type => In a world-first, select whether you’d like to unlock your content by collecting email and Messenger leads.

Step 3) Select Your Lock Style => There’s nothing worse than boring, stale opt-in forms. Use our beautiful templates to make sure opting in is a seamless, pleasing experience.

Step 4) Customize Everything => Customize your locking message and experience so it suits your brand’s image and tone.

Step 5) Place Your Locking Script => Place one line where you want the locking to start in your content, and another where you want it to stop locking. That’s it! Your content is ready to pull in leads and sales automatically.


Check All The Key Benefits Of MSGLock


[+] Sky high optin rates at an incredibly low cost.

[+] Super-engaged leads… meaning more opens and more sales.

[+] Legitimate email addresses from people that want to hear from you.

[+] The lowest cost per lead you’ve ever seen.

[+] Loyal lifelong customers.

Integrate any autoresponder and run campaigns with any third-party FB Messenger bot/software. Once your content is ready, just plug MSGLock in and your lead generation is automated forever.


-:: Watch MSGLock DEMO::-


MSGLock Review Powerful Features Of MSGLock


4 Different Types of Content to “Lock” => Select any type of content you want to generate Email or Messenger leads from. This includes text content on any web page, downloadable files (lead magnets), PDF viewing as well as any video.

Sync Email & Messenger Leads => In a world-first, select whether you’d like to unlock your content by collecting email and Messenger leads.

Multiple Template Styles => It wouldn’t be new-age if we didn’t have some amazing templates up our sleeve. Pick a style that suits your brand and campaign.

Easy to Install => Simply choose where you want the content to start locking, and where you want it to end. Done.

Customize The Opt-in Experience => You’ll be able to customize everything your prospect experiences.

“Lock” Anywhere During The Content Viewing => In a new way of doing lead generation that matches the state of content consumption, allows your visitor to read or view part of your content before locking it. Leading to higher opt-in rates, engagement, and sales. Customize exactly where in your content you want this experience to occur.

Integrates with All Major Autoresponders => MSGLock integrates with all major auto-responders. No imports or exports are necessarily using this brand new software. Leads are synced directly to any email list of your choice.

Use With Any Third-Party Facebook Messenger Software => Don’t worry if you already own a Facebook Messenger software. MSGLock is not a Facebook Messenger bot. MSGLock focuses on the lead generation process and therefore allows you to integrate with any third-party FB Messenger/bot software.

Works with All Websites and Page Builders => It works with any system you use. This includes all page builders and websites, files and videos.

Eye-Catching Analytics => You’re able to see exactly how your lead generation campaigns are doing. This is essential to know which campaigns are performing. See the number of views, leads, conversion rates and more.


There Are 5 Main Reasons Why MSGLock Is Different


Reason #1) Collecting Messenger Subscribers => All other content locking solutions only allow you to collect email leads. MSGLock gives you the option to collect Messenger subscribers and Email leads in order to unlock their content.

This is important, as it allows you to diversify not only how you build your audience, but how you can double up on reaching your audience while Messenger continues to boom.

Reason #2) All-in-One Platform => Other content-locking solutions offer one way to lock content. This is not meant to bash other platforms, their solutions work well. However, nothing has been released as an all-in-one solution before.

You can lock content in 4 different ways….

— Text content (blog posts, articles etc)
— Lead magnets (locking lead magnet files in-line during content)
— PDF files (lock content inside the actual PDF files)
— Video (lock videos on any website or landing page)

Reason #3) Locks Content DURING Consumption => Other content locking solutions are outdated. MSGLock offers a fresh new way of locking content. Instead simply locking your content before your prospect consumes it (such as an opt-in page), actually allow them to read or view your content and lock it during consumption while engagement is high.

This leads to a higher conversion rate, a more qualified lead, fewer fake email addresses and obviously for the reasons I just mentioned – more sales (on both email & Messenger platforms).

Reason #4) Customizable & Integrations => Other content locking solutions aren’t very versatile and don’t let you customize your locking experience. MSGLock has plenty of room for you to make the locking experience your own. On top of that, MSGLock works with all websites, landing pages, page builders, major video platforms as well as all third-party Messenger bot platforms.

Reason #5) Sticking with the Times => The way content is consumed is ever-changing and simply trying to provide valuable content upfront doesn’t secure you any long-term attention. In an age where huge companies are spending millions of dollars on building addictive loops to keep you coming back, it’s evident that it’s becoming harder to secure long-term attention.

The moment someone leaves your blog post or video, you’re forgotten. Harsh, but for the most part true. MSGLock solves this problem by collecting the lead (on two of the most prominent platforms) DURING consumption, not before and not after.


MSGLock Review Upsells or OTO


OTO/Upsell 1 => MSGLock Pro ($67 Only)

MSGLock PRO breaks the limits of having to create content first, before running a MSGLock campaign (I don’t need to explain the headaches content creation causes). It automatically creates fresh, high-quality and high-ranking content that people are going to need to unlock (and generate you leads).

Check Some Key Features Of This Pro Upgrade::-

[+] Expand your profits from MSGLock by automating 100% of your content creation!

[+] Eliminates the biggest headache with any lead generation campaign. No need to write a single word again.

[+] Turn any web page (you don’t even need to own it) into the most valuable, unique, high-ranking content to guarantee you not only generate leads but you turn those leads into sales.

[+] Source only the highest quality content.

[+] Spin your content from the blog post you pasted in to guarantee it’s not only good value for your prospects but that it’s UNIQUE for SEO ranking (free traffic).

[+] Multiply your chances of success by 3x by automatically turning your one content piece into 3 content pieces

OTO/Upsell 2 => MSGLock Agency ($67 Only)

MSGLock Agency allows you to sell MSGLock as a service to clients! Run campaigns for them and easily show them a direct increase in leads and sales with this exciting software.

Not only that, have a step up on any of your competitors by being the ONLY digital marketing agency offering to build Facebook messenger leads AND email leads from ALL of their content across all mediums, opening your clients up to truly diversified marketing.

OTO/Upsell 3 => MSGLock Whitelabel

With this Whitelabel Upgrade, you can sell MSGLock for 100% of the profit.

Check What You Can Do With This Upgrade…

[+] Manage your users through your very own admin panel.
[+] See how many users you have.
[+] Add, edit and delete users easily using your new admin dashboard.
[+] Rebrand MSGLock to fit your very own brand.
[+] Upload your own logo, customize colors and more!
[+] Include your own branded URL
[+] Earn 100% profits on each sale
[+] Keep every single lead you generate
[+] This is never offered, but get instant access to our sales page in a PSD format so you can edit it to sell MSGLock without spending hundreds of dollars on a new design.
[+] Get instant access to their video script
[+] Get instant access to their sales copy script.


MSGLock Review “Is MSGLock Worth Getting?”


Hey guys, you will like MSGLock because it’s the first tool in the world that offers email and messenger lead generation via content locking. The application offers comprehensive customization options, and you can also secure a variety of content like PDF, video, lead magnets and articles. You can easily strategize the content locking process based on your own needs if you want to.

[+] This breakthrough tech works by turning your most engaged audience into subscribers from inside your content.

[+] Share a video, blog post, article or PDF, then once people start consuming it, they’re prompted to sign up to see the rest.

[+] The result is a much higher optin percentage and much more targeted subscribers – people proven to be interested in your content.

[+] You’re no longer marketing to people chasing freebies. You’re marketing to people actively engaged with what you’re sharing.

Check Some Cool Reasons to Get MSGLock Today …

[+] Cutting edge all-in-one software leverages any content for maximum lead generation
[+] 100% compliant with messenger, email & GDPR
[+] Integrates seamlessly with all major autoresponders and 3rd-party messenger bots
[+] No manual exports/imports or coding knowledge required
[+] Collect both Email and Messenger leads for the best combination of delivery and conversions
[+] The most advanced system for generating engaged leads from any content marketing strategy
[+] Makes the expensive ‘old-school’ way of doing lead generation seem silly
[+] DOUBLE your list building results by syncing email leads & messenger leads… with NO extra work required
[+] No more manually exporting/importing leads; MSGLock automatically syncs to your favorite autoresponder
[+] Never have to log into multiple platforms to generate leads again
[+] Works with all 3rd-party messenger bots
[+] Leverage your content in ways never before possible.
[+] You deserve more from your content
[+] Turn every person consuming your content into a lead and customer for life.
[+] Automatically sync both email and Messenger leads for the ultimate diversification package.
[+] Imagine having your content actually bringing you leads and sales daily, for the first time.
[+] Once set up, let it run completely automatically.
[+] For the first time ever, collect email leads and Messenger leads from FOUR different types of content
[+] Build trust, loyalty and engagement with momentum from consuming your content!
[+] Be rewarded and let your hard work and value stand out from the crowd.
[+] Reduce your Facebook advertising spend by getting CHEAPER, higher-converting and more engaged leads.

Why MSGLock?

MSGLock is not an ordinary content locking platform. First of all, it’s the world’s first all-in-one solution which has never been done before. It locks all different types of content from text content in blog posts, landing pages and websites to downloadable files (lead magnets), viewing of PDFs as well as video content.

The locking can be initiated anywhere during the consumption of the content so it’s 100% customizable. This leads to a better user experience and lets the content shine through, leading the way to a more engaged lead (and customer).

It also takes ‘traditional’ lead generation with content locking a step further and can incentivize viewers to unlock the content using either their email address or they can sign up to a Messenger list too. That’s two different types of leads that you can generate so that you can build two truly diversified assets through which you can contact and interact with your audience to generate sales.

Conclusion ::-

As you can see from my MSGLock review, this is a very professional software. It brings a new spin on lead generation and it brings in front rewarding benefits and results all the time. It’s super adaptable, it delivers a very good quality, and the price is pretty good too. Overall, you should consider giving it a shot, and you will not be disappointed.

Here, the best thing is that it comes with a complete 30 days money back guarantee that fully zero down all your risk of buying this ground-breaking system. Further, currently, it is available at a special discounted price. So what you are waiting for? Simply grab a copy of MSGLock right now from this review with my exclusive bonuses and start feeling the difference.



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