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PixaStudio Reloaded Review +Huge $25K PixaStudio Reloaded Bonus +Discount +OTO Info – One Stop Cloud-Based Software for All Your Stock needs With Over 22 Million Searchable Premium Multimedia Assets

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PixaStudio Reloaded Review – Are you searching for more knowledge about PixaStudio Reloaded? Please read through my PixaStudio Reloaded Review before selecting it, to evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of it.

I’ll cover what it does, who is it for, how much it costs, Pros & Cons, what special bonuses you’ll get and what the upsells or OTOs are, so you can make a more informed decision about purchasing it and if it’s right for you.

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PixaStudio 2.0

PixaStudio Reloaded Review Overview:Agency Reel Review

  • Creator : IMReviewSquad & Logic Beam
  • Product : PixaStudio Reloaded
  • Launch Date : 2022-SEPT-24
  • Refund : 30 days Refund Policy
  • Pricing : $38 $32 (Discounted) 
  • Any Coupon : YES! Get $6 Off with Coupon "pixavendor" 
  • Official Website : Click here to visit
  • Training : Yes! you will get step by step training inside
  • Experience Needed : No Special Skills Required
  • Support : Friendly and Effective Response
  • BONUS : YES! You’ll Get High Value Bonuses (Check here) 


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What Exactly Is PixaStudio Reloaaded?

PixaStudio Reloaded is an one stop solution for never-seen-before graphic design solution WITH over 22 million searchable premium royalty-free multimedia assets like stock images, videos, memes, vectors, gifs, icons, animated characters, animated backgrounds, audios tracks and more... With the most powerful drag-n-drop design app loaded with AI image enhancement features and start your own 6-figure design agency business in minutes..

PixaStudio Reloaded has everything you need:

👉 Pixa Toonifier (turns any photo or any face into a cartoon)
👉 Pixa Upscaler (clarify, sharpen, and upscale any photo )
👉 Pixa background remover (make background transparent for any image to blend into any project)
👉 Pixa image colorizer (colorize black and white images)
👉 Pixa text to image (AI image generator that creates an image from scratch from a text description)
👉 15 million+ searchable stocks images
👉 2.5 million+ searchable gifs and memes
👉 3 million+ searchable professional stock videos
👉 Over 50k searchable icons and stickers
👉 500k+ Hi-def stock images
👉 Over 25K vector graphics
👉 Over 20K downloadable animated gifs
👉 Photoshop like image editor
👉 Download files in desirable formats (jpg, png, jpeg, gif)
👉 1-click social sharing
👉 10GB cloud storage to upload and edit your own images and videos
👉 Viral quotes collection.

With Commercial Rights you can sell any element to your clients or use it in client's projects and make profits.

With PixaStudio Reloaded, You Can Create...

PixaStudio 2.0 review


How Does PixaStudio Reloaded Work?

PixaStudio is really easy to use and all it takes just 3 simple steps.

Step #1 (Search):

After Login to the PixaStudio Reloaded dashboard, type a keyword to begin searching for an image, video or anything else from PixaStudio Reloaded's massive library.

PixaStudio 2.0 review

Step #2 (Preview & Customize):

You can Select and Preview any stock asset by a click and customize it to suit your needs using the built-in Image & Video Editor.

PixaStudio 2.0 review

Step #3 (Save & Download):

When done editing, click Save and download your resource in a file format or the resolution of your desire, or share on social media platforms from the dashboard itself.

PixaStudio 2.0

PixaStudio 2.0


Watch How Does PixaStudio Reloaded Work

(Complete Demo. Must Watch) 

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PixaStudio Reloaded Review >> Features & Benefits:

Pixa Toonifier:

Pixa Toonifier turns a photo of any face into a cartoon instantly with artificial intelligence. It uses a convolution neural network to quickly transform the photo into a cartoon that captures audience attention.

Pixa Upscaler:

Pixa Upscaler clarifies, sharpens and upscales the photo without losing its content and defining characteristics. It uses machine learning techniques to upscale images in a fraction of a second.

Pixa Background Remover:

Pixa Background Remover makes background transparent for any image & add a new value to your image in just a few seconds.

Pixa Image Colorizer:

Colorize black and white images or videos using the Pixa Image Colorizer. Add color to old family photos and historic images, or bring an old film back to life in a few clicks.

Pixa Text to Image Generator:

This is an AI image Generator that creates an image from scratch from any text description. It smartly understands your words and converts them to a unique image each time like magic.

15 Million+ Searchable Images:

A massive library of 15 M+ searchable images representing every profitable niche on this planet – all accessible with keywords – rock your marketing projects with millions of images at your disposal.

Over 2.5 Million Searchable GIFs and Memes:

You can also access a vast collection of over 2.5 Million GIFs and Memes – searchable with keywords, and help you up your game, unlike before.

3 Million+ Searchable Stock Videos:

Your search to access high-quality stock videos now comes to an end. Instead, you can access more than 3 million stock videos on searching with keywords.

Over 50K Searchable Icons & Stickers:

Give shape to your marketing campaigns with an extensive collection of 50K icons and stickers – all available on a simple search using keywords.

500K+ Hi Definition Stock Images:

A never-seen collection of 500K+ Hi Definition stock images are also up your grabs.

Over 20K Vector Graphics:

Never look again to download expensive vector graphics and waste your money and efforts. You have the exclusive rights to over 20K high-quality vector graphics perfect for all niches.

Over 20K Downloadable Animated GIFs:

Never pay again for downloading animated GIFs for your biz. A grand collection of 10K attention-grabbing yet downloadable animated GIFs are ready for your use now.

Photoshop Like Image Editor:

The in-built Photoshop like Image Editor helps you edit images as per your preferences and use them for purposes matching your needs the most.

Download Files In JPG/PNG/JPEG/GIF:

Forget about wasting your time converting downloadable files into formats of your choice. You can easily download files in formats of your desires like JPG, PNG, JPEG and GIF.

1-Click Social Sharing:

Once you download an image and have customized it to suit your marketing campaigns, you get the facility to click on all leading social media platforms with 1 click.

10GB Cloud Storage Available:

You also get a huge 10GB cloud storage to upload and edit your own images and videos without hassles.

Viral Quotes Collection:

You also get to access a collection of viral quotes – all in one place.

Commercial License:

With the PixaStudio Reloaded Commercial License, you can sell over 22 million multimedia assets to your customers at any price you want & keep the 100% of the profits for yourself.


PixaStudio Reloaded Review - Pros and Cons:

--Pros-- --Cons--
  • Cloud based software. So nothing to install.
  • Newbie friendly software
  • 1-click searchable app
  • 15 Million+ Searchable Images
  • 2.5 million+ searchable gifs and memes
  • 500K+ Hi-Def Stock Images
  • Over 20K Vector Graphics
  • 20K Downloadable Animated Gifs
  • Over 25K Searchable icons and stickers
  • 1-Click Social Sharing
  • 10GB Cloud Storage
  • Upload and edit your own images, videos
  • Multiple formats supported
  • No technical skills or knowledge required
  • Inbuilt image editor like Photoshop
  • Commercial license included
  • Use assets in your clients projects
  • Step-by-step video training included
  • 30 Days Refund policy so almost no risk involved
  • I am totally satisfied with this software.

For a Very Limited Time You Can Grab PixaStudio Reloaded at a Special Discounted Price.

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PixaStudio Reloaded Review - Who Can Use It?

  • Affiliate marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Youtubers
  • Social media marketers
  • Ecom marketers
  • Local business owners
  • Online Coaches
  • Content Creators
  • Video marketers
  • Marketing consultant
  • Product creator
  • Business owners
  • Digital marketers
  • Website creators
  • Freelancers
  • Agencies/Enterprise
  • Many Others 


Commission Funnels

Get OTO or Upsells Info...


PixaStudio Reloaded Review - Is There Any Upsells Or OTOs?

Yes, there are currently 4 optional OTOs or upgrades. You don’t really need all of them to use PixaStudio, but they might come in useful depending on your situation and usage.

OTO/Upsell #1 >> PixaStudio Reloaded PRO - $47 one time

Now you can create mesmerizing high-quality HD & 4K videos in just 3 easy steps that attracts more eyeballs & boosts video marketing campaign ROI at an earth-shattering real low price. PixaStudio Reloaded pro is compatible with almost every leading video editing software.

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Check What You'll Get Inside Of This Upgrade,

5 Million+ Additional Searchable Stock Videos:

Inside you're getting a vast library of more than 5 million searchable stock videos. You will find them appealing for every niche. Don’t let your marketing campaigns fall behind anymore with multiple sizes and resolutions.

Over 20K Downloadable HD & 4K Videos:

You get to speed up your business goals with 20K downloadable HD & 4K videos at a one-time price.

1000+ Motion Background Videos:

You also access more than 1000 attention-grabbing motion background videos to seize more out of your different marketing campaigns.

Animated Characters:

An extensive library of stunning animated characters suiting your niches and needs are accessible.

Live Video Editor:

Now, creating video memes will no longer be cumbersome – you have access to the stunning Live Video Editor.

Green Screen Videos:

Adding green screen effects to your videos will be a hassle-free affair.

Animated Backgrounds:

Lots of animated backgrounds are also included in this special upgrade – so you have access to beautiful backgrounds to gain more eyeballs.

PPT Templates:

Forget about scratching your heads about brainstorming which PPT templates to use for your marketing campaigns. Choose from one of the many PPT templates are you are ready to go.

Motion Backgrounds:

A big collection of motion backgrounds are also included.

Commercial License:

Sell attention-grabbing done for you videos as well as 5 million+ video enhancing elements to your clients with an exclusive PixaStudio Reloaded Pro’s Commercial License.

More Amazing Features:

✅ In-Built Meme Editor
✅ Voice Replacement in Videos
✅ Put Your own logo/watermark on videos
✅ Reloaded Exclusive: 2 Million Additional Video Assets Added
✅ Reloaded Exclusive: Video Editor App
✅ Reloaded Exclusive: PhotoKit Image Editor.


OTO/Upsell #2 >> PixaStudio Reloaded Audio Upgrade - $47 One time

Make all types of videos exceptionally catchy with 250k searchable stock audios, thousands of sounds effects, 5K downloadable stock audio assets and more.

Convert your Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram Reels, cinematic videos & podcasts & more into attention-grabbing magnets with captivating stock audios at a real low price.

Check Marketpresso OTO1

Check What You'll Get Inside Of This Upgrade,

  • Over 250K searchable stock audios
  • Over 5K downloadable stock audio assets
  • Thousands of sound effects
  • A must-have solution for content creators, marketers, brands
  • 100% newbie friendly solution
  • Commercial license to charge any amount for selling stock audios to your clients.


OTO/Upsell #3 >> PixaStudio Reloaded Reseller - $97-$127 one time

👉 Sell 100 PixaStudio Reloaded accounts = $97 One time
👉 Sell Unlimited PixaStudio Reloaded accounts = $127 One time

Upgrade to PixaStudio Reloaded reseller edition now to start your profitable 6-figure stock multimedia agency business in minutes.

You have the exclusive access to sell highly captivating multimedia assets and tools to your clients and charge them monthly, yearly or a one-time high price..

The biggest benefit of this is – Sell PixaStudio Reloaded to your clients and keep all the profits.

Check Marketpresso OTO1

Check What You'll Get Inside Of This Upgrade,

👉Get exclusive reseller license
👉Your each client will have access to features of PixaStudio + PixaStudio pro + PixaStudio audio upgrade
👉Create 100 to unlimited PixaStudio accounts
👉Done for you sales material
👉Create accounts for your clients using your reseller dashboard in 1 click
👉They'll handle support of your all clients
👉Accept payments from clients in your Paypal or anywhere
👉Create unlimited PixaStudio accounts for clients from your resellers dashboard & charge them high monthly recurring price.


OTO/Upsell #4 >> PixaStudio Reloaded VoiceMaker - $37 One time

Leverage the power of AI text-to-speech software to turn your sales copies, video scripts, blog articles, ad copies or anything into human-like voice overs…

Check Marketpresso OTO1

Check What You'll Get Inside Of This Upgrade,

👉Realistic Human-Like voice overs
👉Comes with 29 languages
👉200+ Male-Female voices supported.
👉Download Files In Mp3 Audio format on the go.
👉Step By Step Training + Live customer support
👉Adjust the output of your voice
👉Customize the speaking rate of your audio.
👉Instant preview to know how your voice over sounds.
👉Add pause feature
👉5 Team access supported
👉Charge your clients for AI services
👉Commercial rights included.


PixaStudio Reloaded Review “Why Should You Get This?”

How many times does it happen that you're looking for a Royalty-F'ree video footage or HD image for your campaigns and you come across ads from sites like Shutterst0ck, Depositphotos, Envanto.. asking you $50-$100 for a single video or image..

Well, instead of spending thousands of dollars on different stock elements for your videos, you can find, download and sell all the premium stock in the world in 1 place without paying any amount.

With PixaStudio Reloaded, you can find the perfect footage or image for your next video, post, ads, blog or website, using only a keyword.

The Commercial License included inside the app makes you eligible to sell 22 million+ multimedia assets to hungry customers. From premium free stock images to HD stock video footage to icons and stickers and more, you are entitled to sell them to your customers and charge them any amount you want.

Check Some Of The Cool Benefits Of PixaStudio Reloaded...

✅ Create stunning graphics, images, stickers, or logos for your projects.

✅ Huge library of over 22 million stock multimedia assets like Royalty Free stock images, HD stock videos, GIFs, Memes and much more.

✅ Get more views and shares on your blog posts. Grab higher engagements, likes, shares and CTRs.

✅ Photoshop like 1-click image editing app & 1-click social sharing app allows you to edit images and gain more views on social platforms.

✅ Comes with AI Image Enhancement Tools Like Toonifier, Image Upscaler, Background Remover, Image Colorizer, AI Text to Image Generator & more..

✅ Manage your graphics, images, HD stock videos, memes, logos, stickers and more from a single dashboard.

✅ The Commercial License included inside the app makes you eligible to sell 22 million+ multimedia assets to your customers.

Here, the best thing is that it comes with complete 30 days money back guarantee that lets you simply buy PixaStudio Reloaded at without any risk.

Further, currently PixaStudio Reloaded is available at an amazing early bird offer price so what the heck you are waiting for? Just grab your copy of PixaStudio Reloaded right now from this review and start feeling the difference.


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