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Voiclet Review + Huge $25K Voiclet Bonus + Discount +OTO Info – Revolutionary ‘Speed-to-Lead’ Video Funnel Builder Tech With AGENCY Rights

Voiclet Review Are you searching for more knowledge about Voiclet? Please read through my Voiclet Review before selecting it, to evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of it.

I’ll cover what it does, who is it for, how much it costs, Pros & Cons, what special bonuses you’ll get and what the upsells or OTOs are, so you can make a more informed decision about purchasing it and if it’s right for you.

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Voiclet Review Overview:Agency Reel Review

  • Creator : Ben Murry & Mustafa
  • Product : Voiclet 
  • Launch Date : 2022-Dec-12
  • Refund : 30 days Refund Policy
  • Pricing : $497 $41 $39 [Discounted]
  • Any Coupon : Yes! Get $2 Off On Bundle with Coupon "voicletsave"
  • Official Website : Click here to visit
  • Training : Yes! you will get step by step training inside
  • Experience Needed : No Special Skills Required
  • Support : Friendly and Effective Response
  • BONUS : YES! You’ll Get High Value Bonuses (Check here) 


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Voiclet Review - What Exactly It Is?

Voiclet is a groundbreaking app that creates new ‘speed-to-lead’ video funnels 10x sales by reducing the customer journey process to just a click, closing leads with high-converting HD video selling.

This transformational technology comes with agency rights, allowing you to sell this new video technology to local businesses and online retailers for monthly fees, or use to land clients for your products.



Voiclet Review - How Does It Work?

You can get results with Voiclet in just 4 simple steps.

Step #1 (Create a Campaign & Assign Agents):

Organize campaigns by type and clients, and assign specific agents to each campaign that will answer the video calls or voice calls. You can assign multiple agents to any campaign.


Step #2 (Auto-Create a Magic Video Funnel Link or Widget):

Then, create a ‘magical video link’ that will redirect to a video funnel or voice funnel ready for agents to close sales seamlessly. As soon as the 'magic video link' is clicked the video call will start automatically so no leads bounce or get distracted.

Voiclet review

You can also choose to create a smart chat widget to embed on any regular funnel page that when clicked, opens a voice or video call with an agent.

Voiclet Software

Step #3 (Share Your Link & Close Leads Automatically):

Share your magic video funnel link in Facebook ads, Google ads, TikTok profiles, Instagram profiles, blogs, and more. When anyone clicks it, they will be seamlessly redirected to a call ready to sell them the product live for maximum conversions.


Agents can record calls, share the screen, adjust volume, and more with encrypted technology. Plus, if no one answers the call, redirect the link to a regular sales page or customer support page to leave a message.

Step #4 (Share with Clients or Give App Access for Fees):

Use video funnels to sell your own products and services or create campaigns for clients for a fee. You can also integrate clients into the app to manage their own inbound video funnels hands-free charging a high monthly fee for access.

At anytime, check stats like agents who picked up, video call time, minutes used, and more.


Watch How Does Voiclet Work

(Complete Demo) 

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Voiclet Review >> Features & Benefits:

Auto-Create VideoFunnels & VoiceFunnels:

Significantly increase revenue for any business by replacing leaky, expensive funnels with proven, 'speed-to-lead' video & voice funnels.

Auto-Create Magic VideoFunnel Links & Widgets:

Create simple links or widgets that when clicked auto-direct to your video sales funnel to sell & close any lead far easier.

OmniChannel Marketing for More Leads:

Share your video or voice funnel link in Facebook ads, Google ads, on websites, in TikTok, Instagram, & other social media channels to generate tons of leads.

Get Prequalified Agency Clients Fast:

You’ll get clients you can sell Voiclet services to fast & easy for monthly fees.

Crystal Clear HD Video Calling Tech:

Sell products to leads with it's crystal clear HD video call technology that works anywhere in the world instantly.

Web, iOS, & Android Integration:

Get sales via desktop or use the native Android & iOS approved app for a seamless selling experience.

Agency Rights & Commercial Rights:

Sell Voiclet & video funnel campaigns for any price or sell access to the app for a high monthly fee.

Easy to Deploy:

Create your high-converting video funnel with just a click with a magic video link.

Ease of Use:

Voiclet is beginner friendly and very easy to get results in a few clicks.

Fix Bounce Rates & Leaky Funnels:

Stop leads from leaving outdated, broken funnels with Voiclet ‘speed-to-lead’ video sales systems.

Works on Any Device:

Voice or video funnels work seamlessly on desktop, Android, & iOS devices.

Reduce Lead to Sale Time:

Reduce the time of engagement with a prospect to sale to just a single click. No more leads dropping off from funnels with too many steps.

Create Video or Voice Selling Widgets:

Create special widgets that embed anywhere page visitors can click to open up an HD video call or phone call with an agent fast and easy.

Organize Campaigns by Clients:

Create and organize video sales campaigns by product or by a client you’re working with so everything is organized.

Easily Assign Call Agents & Answer Video Calls on Web or Mobile:

Assign single or multiple agents to answer specific video or voice campaigns in a click. Agents can answer calls on desktop, or download the Andoird or iOS Voiclet app to answer calls on the go.

Easily Collect Email and Phone Number Leads:

Choose to direct magic vidoe funnel links to pages that require the leads phone or email address before opening the video call.

Create eButtons & QR-Codes:

Integrate your video or voice funnel campaigns anywhere with smart QR codes or buttons. Turn a video sales funnel into a QR code and embed it on business cards or marketing flyers to reach and convert offline leads fast.

Detailed Analytics:

Quickly see which agents answered what calls, minutes used, and more with important analytics at the touch of your finger tips.

More Features Including:

✅ Install video funnel widgets to any site
✅ Record video conversations w/ call encryption
✅ Capture emails w/ autoresponder integration
✅ Get DFY, qualified call agents
✅ Tutorials & training included.


– In-Depth Tutorials & Training Included –



Voiclet Review - Pros and Cons:

--Pros-- --Cons--
  • Cloud based software. So nothing to install.
  • Complete Newbie-friendly system.
  • iOs & Android native agent app included
  • Integrate 5 agents per campaign
  • Capture leads & integrate autoresponders
  • Get 10,000 video call minutes per account, per month
  • Advanced call encryption
  • Detailed call analytics
  • QR code instant video call tech
  • Answer calls worldwide in full HD
  • Get prequalified clients
  • Commercial rights – sell to clients
  • Agency rights – integrate clients
  • Zero technical skills required.
  • Get step by step video training inside
  • Quality support included
  • 30 Days Refund policy so almost no risk involved 
  • I am totally satisfied with this software.

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Voiclet Review - Who Can Use It?

  • Social media marketers
  • Video marketers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Online marketers
  • eCom business owners
  • Online coaches
  • Digital product sellers
  • Marketing consultant
  • Product creator
  • Bloggers
  • Youtubers
  • Authors
  • Freelancers
  • Podcast marketer
  • Local business owners
  • Many others


Commission Funnels

Get OTO or Upsells Info...


Voiclet Review - Is There Any Upsells Or OTOs?

Yes, there are currently 5 optional OTOs or upgrades. You don’t really need all of them to use Voiclet, but they might come in useful depending on your situation and usage.

OTO/Upsell #1 >> Voiclet Fast-Pass - OTO Bundle Deal - $555 $230/-

Get the Voiclet "Fast Pass" offer and get all the OTOs, features, & VIP bonuses for a massively discounted one-time price (Save 59% today)..

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You’ll Get All These Upgrades as a Bundle:

[1] Voiclet Professional (Selling for $97 One time)
[2] Voiclet VIP (Selling for $197 One time)
[3] Voiclet Platinum (Selling for $127)
[5] Voiclet "Voicely Special" (Currently Selling At $67)
[6] Voiclet "VidToon Special" (Currently Selling At $67)

OR, You Can Buy Upgrades (OTOs) Separately.. Check them below... 


OTO/Upsell #2 >> Voiclet Professional - ($127 One-time)

Explode Your Profit Potential With the Unlimited Licenses & Ultra Premium Features Available to Professional Members.

Check Marketpresso OTO1

Check All The Amazing Features Of This Upgrade,

Create Unlimited Campaigns:

Due to bandwidth restrictions, there was a cap on the number of campaigns you could create on the front-end version. However, with the unlimited license, you can run as many campaigns as needed now.

Add Unlimited Agents:

You can create unlimited agents for your video funnel campaigns now. Never run out of agents for you and your agency clients campaigns now.

Make Unlimited Video & Voice Calls:

Like campaigns, there was a cap number on the number of video calls you could do. But now, you can make as many video or voice calls as you need to seriously grow revenue and your agency.

Install Unlimited Widgets & Magic Video Links:

Create unlimited support widgets and magic video links to go along with the unlimited calling. There’s no cap on the amount you can do with Voiclet now.

Record Full Length Conversations:

Now you can record full length conversations to replay at any time. This is important in some industries for compliance, plus allows you to see if one of the agents is not doing their job.

VIP Video Load Time:

Your calls will load faster than everyone elses’. Get your Voiclet video calls to work faster lightning fast now.

Remove Voiclet Widget Branding:

Get rid of the 'Powered by Voiclet' link in each page to boost conversions for clients in this more advanced edition.

VIP Support:

Get around-the-clock premium support answered faster than everyone else with this upgrade.

Access to Streamr Pro:

Take your video marketing to the next level with the ability to translate any video into multiple languages…then stream it anywhere including to YouTube with built-in live streaming technology.


OTO/Upsell #3 >> Voiclet VIP - ($67 One-time)

Voiclet team will help you land your first Voiclet client in a special VIP offer.

Check Marketpresso OTO1

Check All The Amazing Features Of This Upgrade,

✅ Outsourcers License + Integrate Team member technology

✅ DFY ‘VideoFunnel’ Agency Site to help sell services - includes easy-edit technology & DFY hosting plan

✅ DFY Video Agency Lead Videos - help land clients with DFY lead videos for your own agency

✅ Reseller Rights + Reseller Materials - sell Voiclet with just a link and add to your campaigns

✅ Voiclet Whitelabel VIP call scripts - DFY scripts to help agents close leads fast so businesses will continue getting results with Voiclet month-after-month

✅ Voiclet Whitelabel PPC SOPs - whitelabel standard operating procedures to use or sell to clients on how to run profitable local Adwords campaigns.

Plus, Voiclet comes with one-on-one support to help you get success. They’ll help you get your first ads campaign up, help understand anything better in the training, and generate your first leads.


OTO/Upsell #4 >> Voiclet Platinum (Whitelabel Agency) - ($127 One-time)

Sell Voiclet to Clients for 100% Profit With Advanced Whitelabel Technology.

Check Marketpresso OTO1

Check All The Amazing Features Of This Upgrade,

Agency License and Technology Integration:

Add unlimited clients and delete them with agency-level technology.

Whitelabel Ability:

Add your own logo and branding so the app appears under your own brand.

Reseller Material Access:

You’ll get full access to our proven sales funnel, sales letters, swipes for clients and affiliates, VSLs, and more to customize under your own brand if you choose.

DFY Resellers Setup:

With the Platinum upgrade, you’ll also get the ability to sell access to the Voiclet funnel and keep 100% of the profit of any sale you make.

Add Unlimited Team Members:

Grow your agency as large as you want now. You never have to worry about how big you can scale with the ability to add unlimited team members.

Agency Outsourcing Training:

Learn exactly how to outsource your video agency services (even if you don’t think you have money to hire anyone) with this brand-new training.

Agency Scaling Materials:

Get DFY video-agency swipes, print-on-demand materials, contracts, and more to help grow faster.


OTO/Upsell #5 >> Voiclet "Voicely Special" - ($67 One-time)

Voicely is a fully-automated software powered by real AI that turns any text into a natural lifelike sounding voiceover in seconds. Create video ads, full VSLs, and more with realistic-sounding voiceovers.

Check Marketpresso OTO1

Check All The Amazing Features Of This Upgrade,

✅ Create voice-overs in multiple languages.
✅ Wide range of customization options.
✅ Create perfect-sounding voice-overs each time.
✅ Create voice-overs in different tones that make it sound 100% natural.
✅ Turn any text into the most natural lifelike voice-overs in seconds.


OTO/Upsell #6 >> Voiclet "VidToon Special" - ($67 One-time)

VidToon is a proven animated video creator that creates Disney-style marketing videos in minutes with a world of animated spokespeople. Run your own profitable video animation marketing agency with this amazing tool..

Check Marketpresso OTO1

Check All The Amazing Features Of This Upgrade,

✅ 30 unique animations and transitions to transform your videos into masterpieces.

✅ You can make sophisticated Pixar like explainer video with a click of a few buttons with our Modern User Interface.

✅ There’s an added unlimited range of images in association with Pixabay that can be used to set your animation’s background.

✅ 34 High Definition backgrounds to make your animations cut the clutter

✅ New age characters that will play the protagonists of your story.

✅ Sound effects to bring your explainer video to life.

✅ GIFs and transitions to add striking effects to your final output.

✅ Animate your texts to give your videos that extra Umph.

✅ Vidtoon™ videos are guaranteed to boost engagement, skyrocket clickthrough rates and slash your advertising costs on any social media platform.


Voiclet Review “Why Should You Get This?”

Human attention spans are less than goldfish now & potential customers don’t have the patience to navigate through traditional funnels anymore.

The key for getting more sales is to reduce the time from interested prospect to sale as much as possible.

Marketing funnels have become super expensive & no longer convert like the ‘funnel gurus’ promised (97% drop-off rates now!)

Voiclet reduces the time it takes from interested prospect to sale to just a single click now - 10xing sales w/ ‘pure’ videofunnel tech - that’s HUGE!

No other app has ever launched that speeds up the process of interested lead to sale faster than Voiclet... all due to its revolutionary 1-click ‘video & voice funnel’ builder tech.

Not only do these new video funnels reduce the time from interested prospect to sale to just a click…they allow you or agents to talk LIVE to the prospect from any device anywhere in the world & convert them 15%-25% HIGHER.

Voiclet comes with Agency Rights and that allows you set up campaigns or give access to the software for monthly fees.

The best part, Voiclet comes with complete 30 days refund policy that simply zero down all your risk of buying this next generation software.

Further, it is right now available at a special discounted price. Be fast, or you will pay a much higher price later. The JAW DROPPING low price won’t last for long. Get Instant Access to Voiclet now with my bonuses from this Voiclet Review before the cart closes.


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Voiclet Bonus Offer –> You will receive a bunch of high quality bonuses from me when you purchase “Voiclet” from this Voiclet Review. Please see the bonus package details below…

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Exclusive Bonuses

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If you see Abhijit Saha as Your "New Referrer" then Click On Green "Approve Change" button or if you see Abhijit as your "Previous Referrer" then click on Gray "Deny Change" button. It's very much important.

maxfunnels 2.0

YouStudio Bonus

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